Secrets of the ancient city Ukek

On 26 may in the Museum of regional studies held a press conference dedicated to the results and prospects of the archeological expedition of the Museum, which since 2005 provides systematic excavations on Uvek settlement. In addition, at the event we were talking about a crowdfunding project that will allow you to create a short film about the medieval town that existed 7 years ago.

E. M. Kazantsev, the Director of the Saratov regional Museum of local history: “Today the public is showing interest in the Uvek — the historical monument of the middle Ages. Joint efforts of archaeologists of the Museum and the various structures we try to convey to as many people of its undoubted importance. The uvek turns into an object of event tourism and is gaining weight not only on regional, but also at the Federal level.”

Traditionally, every year before the new field season, the archaeologists of the Museum bring a kind of hell. So, and this year D. A. Kubankin, senior researcher of the Museum, the head of excavations at the Uvek, spoke about the ongoing research work, on the excavations of the previous season, interesting findings, and also shared plans for the upcoming season. Continue reading

The findings, which can be done with a metal detector

You start to think about buying your first metal detector? This can be an interesting feeling, very exciting. Many have already appreciated the romance and adventurous spirit of a free search. With this metal detector you can find not only something in the ground. Can unexpectedly discover a new you traits.

The search for coins and treasure with a metal detector, it requires certain knowledge. So before you go on your first “COP” to be better prepared. At least that is good to know – principle of operation your metal detector. And then nothing beats the joy of first discovery. What exactly can be found in the layers of the earth? What an interesting treasure finds can please your eye? Let’s consider these questions in this article.
First finds with a metal detector

But we’ll start with the most important dangers for the novice. Your main enemies for the first time – it is your feelings. The first thing to remember is that you need to dip a little her impatience and excitement. You probably immediately want to jump into the field. Before my eyes will be pitchers and rotted bags full of gold coins. It is normal to feel like this. But keep these feelings under control. Continue reading

An ancient city lost in the desert.

An incredible discovery was made by scientists using the spacecraft. Space who really just showed his infinite potential and in the area far from the flights to the moon and Mars. She helped… the archaeologists.

In the Qur’an — the Holy book of Muslims — you can read about the city that supposedly existed among the Sands of the Arabian Peninsula. About this mysterious city wrote in his writings and ancient scientists, Ptolemy, and Herodotus. The latter claimed that the city was called Ubar and was under the protection of terrible flying serpent, and its inhabitants possess the secret of eternal youth. About Obare walked countless legends. And here what picture emerges from them.

For harmonious architecture of magnificent buildings its also called “City of pillars”. Residents of Ubara engaged in trade, art, politics. It was famous for its sages and stargazers. Here flourished alchemy and medicine. The whole ancient world knew no other place would have made an equally wonderful aromatic resins and incense. The life of ubericon seemed extraordinary and mysterious. Said that they were aware of the mysterious rites of the resurrection from the dead. Like the legendary Atlanta, ularity knew how to fly! Continue reading

In Dagestan discovered an ancient Christian settlement

In the area near the village Articolo Gotsatl the khunzakhsky district of the Republic of Dagestan the excavations of the ancient settlement, according to “Orthodoxy in Dagestan “.

The results of the excavations told the head of the gotsatlinsky of the joint expedition of the Academy of Sciences of Russia and Dagestan Zarina Albegova during the meeting with the head of administration khunzakhsky district, said Yusupov.

According to Z. Albegova, the Christian settlement was formed around the X-XII centuries. At the site discovered household utensils, mostly of clay, graves, tombstones. The ornamentation on the stones corresponds to the specified period. Mainly two-storey buildings, thickness of walls is about one meter, the height of the buildings reaches up to 180 cm on each floor. The dead were buried in inaccessible, unsuitable for agriculture areas, and small children were buried under the threshold of their homes.

As noted by the head of archeological expedition, the land here is very fertile and, most remarkably, she was specially brought in Gotsatl — its volume is Continue reading

Interesting archaeological finds in the world in the years 2002-2013

15th August is a professional holiday of archaeologists of Russia – Day of the archaeologist. We represent your attention a selection of the most interesting historical finds in the world in 2002 and 2013.
Mexican archaeologists during excavations in the temple complex of the Templar
In the summer of 2013 a tomb of a noble Sarmatian woman, buried more than 2,5 thousand years ago, was discovered in the Orenburg region, a group of students of the history Department of the Bashkir pedagogical University named after Akmulla (bgpu). The excavation was led by head of the Department of Scythian and Sarmatian archaeology, Institute of archaeology Russian Academy of Sciences Leonid Yablonsky.

Well preserved items of clothing, rich jewelry. The find was sensational also because the burial vault was intact: things and decorations in it are in the same form as they were placed by the ancient nomads.

Excavations of Sarmatian graves of the Amazon in the Orenburg region
In July 2012 it became known that the French archaeological mission discovered in Egypt ancient wooden boat, which is about five thousand years. A unique discovery was made in the area of Abu Ravache a few kilometres North of Cairo. Scientists suggest that the boat was created during the reign of the Pharaoh of the Early Kingdom of Ancient Egypt Dan (Udima). Apparently, it was intended for the burial ceremony of the Pharaoh. The ancient Egyptians believed that the boat will move on to the afterlife. Continue reading

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Secrets of the ancient city Ukek
On 26 may in the Museum of regional studies held a press conference dedicated to the results and prospects of the archeological expedition of the Museum, which since 2005 provides…

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In nikolayevshchina black archeologists plundered the island Berezan
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The search for coins and treasure with a metal detector
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